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Culturally Affirming 'Mirror' Books: Affirming and promoting the culture of African American children.

Love Being Black Books is dedicated to African American children so that they will see themselves and their lives positively reflected in books.  Their ways of being are honored, their rituals are realistically depicted, and their families, communities and practices are portrayed as beautiful, meaningful, and valued. 

Culturally Responsive 'Window' Books: For educators who work with communities of color.

These books are written so that teachers, especially White teachers, will gain a better understanding of the experiences  of  African American children in their classrooms.  Love Being Black Books provide a 'window' into the everyday lives and routines of African American children. 

Every Child Deserves to See Themselves in Their Classroom!

Culturally Responsive Teachers ensure  

"Children are honored in their cultural connections". They feel honored, recognized, and seen in: 


•Routines and Activities 



Love Being Black Books are a wonderful addition to culturally responsive classrooms.


Dr. Rosemarie Allen

Dr. Allen is a Social Justice Educator.  Her life's work is centered on ensuring children have access to high quality early childhood programs that are developmentally and culturally appropriate. She is currently an Assistant Professor in the School of Education at Metropolitan State University of Denver. Her classes are focused on ensuring teachers are aware of how issues of equity, privilege, and power impact teaching practices. Dr. Allen is also the President, CEO, and founder of the Institute for Racial Equity & Excellence (IREE), a nonprofit organization whose mission is to create inclusive environments and to ensure equity and social  justice at all levels of society.  IREE aims to change the hearts and  practices of the workforce to enhance child, family, and community  outcomes, especially of those working with communities of color and  other marginalized groups.

Love Being Black Book Series

Promoting conversations about race and difference was the impetus for Love Being Black African American Children's Books series. Because we seldom engage in discourse about race, culture, and difference in American society, something as simple as differences in hair care are rarely discussed. These books were written so that teachers, especially White teachers, will have a better understanding of the hair care routines of African American children in their classrooms. Most importantly, it is written so that Black children will see themselves; their lives, their rituals, their families, and their practices as beautiful, meaningful, and valued. 


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